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Friday, April 11, 2008

~to vee with love~

A very special shout out to a very special friend
who's going to rejoice her many2 years of fabulous-ness
this coming April 14th

Job or Jobor...

I just got back from an interview.
Why do I have to go through all this shit over and over again..
The company, an advertising company, is in Bangsar.
Yeah, the 'disco-disco' part of Bangsar.
A rather small company, which I prefer, because the bigger the company is, the bigger the office politics will be, and the bigger cases of seniority 'bullshit' blah blah..
Plus, it's in Bangsar, Jalan Telawi y'all! Chic eh? Very.
Went there with Kid, and somehow all the memories I'd spent in Bangsar came flying back into my head. Mostly about the 'I am so wasted' moment.
The sweet, the not-so-sweet, the bitter-but-sweet (that's the taste of the beers laa)..everything.
It's like in a TV drama where the actor is having a flashed back moment. With dialogues at the background. Mine wasn't THAT dramatic lah, but almost there.
Some of my 'now' friends knew about my past, but some of them don't.
Long before I got into the hardcore scene(yikes..),I was into the 'clubbing'-drink till you drop-HUHAHA scene. I did once got too drunk that I slipped on the stairs of the club. Twice to be more accurate. LOL.
I went there almost every night, for the ladies night free flow. Dancing. Drinking. Dancing. Drinking...
And the place where me and my 'old' friends usually hanged out is at Bangsar. Yeah, Telawi area. It was like our second home. But to think about it, it's not too far from the 'scene' I'm in now. The 'dancing-drinking-dancing', I still do that in punk shows. Of course without the glitterings outfit. And I danced to the 'jump up jump up & get down' kinda songs, not to Dystopia or to all the dis-something songs nowadays. Not that I'm saying the HC scene is 110% same like the clubbing scene, but you know what I mean laa.. drinking,dancing,drinking.. pogo-ing,moshing etc.
That was my past, things that I do before doesn't simply 'define' me in person now. Turn back the time and be someone else??? Naaah, I'm fine with that.
So, the moral of this story is, please, by any means, pray to YOUR god that I'll get this job, if you happened to see him. Or her.
*Anyone reading New Malaysian Essays 1 right now? Pinjam boleh? :)
**Please ignore my grammar,I'm just a college drop-out,hmm..I wonder why.. ;p
But whatever the reason was, I blame my parents. LOL.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Q: Bila nak ada anak?
A: Yaaawwww.. (lam hati:sukati aku la bila aku nak pun,dah rahim aku)
Q: Bila nak kurus?
A: Aku akan kurus kalau kau dah tak hodoh lagi. (lam hati:dasar muka cipap!)
please stop asking me all those unnecessary questions.
i'm not yours.
(ini sekadar iklan**)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

flying flyer..

MASS SEPARATION and KAH-ROE-SHI upcoming shows

so not politikalips..

what the hell is wrong with those bunch of people?
now they're fighting,bitching,backstabbing among themselves..
on national TV
the one that they controlled..
with the one who they used to lick ass

eh wait, we're all doing the same shitty things right?
NO, not on TV tho'..not that famous
but we do fight with our friends,
we do bitching about our not-so-openminded neighbours
we do get backstabbed sometimes..

corruption -> civillasation's best kept secret
irony, jealousy, hatred -> our 'holy' punk scene's best kept secret


nuff of that politics, i need to take a bath, talking about this make me stink**


I'm so excited..
I'm staying in KL now, married, but i'm from Miri, born n bred.

Just found out that one of my 'KL' hardcore/punk friend is from Miri. She was my ex-schoolmate! My junior tho' but hey..from Miri..that's rare (ala Paris' *that's hot*)

But shit, i also found out that the guy who started this 'chaotic' homophobic issue 2008 is also from Miri.. Damn!


i lost my virginity today!

HA ha HA you pervert..

what i meant by that was this is my first time, first day using this blog thingie
am i too old to start using this? hell, who cares? t's MY blog..


thanx to you for stopping by.
if you think my blog SUCKs, then improve yours, dont waste your time complaining here. Seriously!
image:taken during Mass Separation's set 2007